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Health Gym Personal Trainer Fitness Healthy Eating Flexibility and Mobility Application Web App
Health Gym Personal Trainer Fitness Healthy Eating Flexibility and Mobility Application Web App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any doubts about Health Zone-e? You've come to the right place! In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions from our users. Whether you're a personal trainer or a gym, here you'll find all the information you need to get the most out of our app. If you can't find the answer to your question, get in touch with us at support@healthzone-e.com.

Getting started
How to subscribe a plan

Access all content quickly and easily. Join the Health Zone-e community, through the following steps:

How to access the desktop and mobile version

There are 2 ways to access Health Zone-e content: through the desktop app and the mobile version. There is no difference between these versions. They have the same content and will be constantly updated. Use the one that best fits your preferences.

If you have any issues downloading the app, please contact the team at: support@healthzone-e.com

Which plan is right for me

Do you currently participates in regular physical activity and want to know how is your physical condition and health? This plan is for you.
The personal plan includes all the tools available in the professional plan, the only difference is that you will not have access to client and staff management. This is a personal plan, where you can store all your personal information.
You will have access to:

  • Health Screening Questionnaires (2020 PAR-Q+, PARmed X, Mental Health, Lifestyle and Training)
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Assessment
  • Nutrition (Body Composition, Meal Plan)
  • Physical Fitness Evaluation (Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Mobility and Flexibility Assessment)
  • Training Plan (programming and planing)
  • Health Classification

If you are a Nutritionist this plan was designed exclusively for you. All the content is intuitive and easy to use. We have simplified your work so that you can give your clients all the attention they need.

  • You can manage your Clients
  • Schedule Appoitments
  • Body Composition and Meal Plan
  • Daily meal plan with automatic calculations
  • Consult our database (food, supplements, commercial products)
  • Manage your client's; information, define their goals, analyze their history and monitor their evolution
  • The message system allows a closer follow-up of your clients
  • Document sharing
  • Automatic calculation formulas

If you have a business and want to manage your client and staff members, schedule classes, and know how your business is going? This is the ideal plan for you.

This plan includes:

  • All contents of personal and nutrition plan
  • Add your staff members and define their function (coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, physiotherapist, osteopath, mental coach…)
  • Add your clients (you can link your clients to your staff)
  • Staff and Client management (user statistics)
  • Scheduling group classes/trainings/appointments
  • The message system allows a closer follow-up of your clients
  • Manage your client's; information, define their goals, analyze their history and monitor their evolution
  • Information sharing between the various areas and the client
Payments / Subscritions
What is the subscription / payment period?

Once payment is made, the usage period depends on the type of subscription/payment signed (monthly/semiannual/annual).

Is there a contract? Or can I cancel anytime?

No. There is no contract or obligation of any kind. You can register, change your account or cancel whenever you want.

How do I access my billing info?

It's simple, just follow these steps:

  • Head to your account settings at: www.healthzone-e.com
  • Head to “Plans and billing”
  • Select “Transactions”

In this field all the information about your transactions and receipts will appear.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Check your subscribed plans:

  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e.com
  • Head to “Plans and billing”
  • Head to “Subscription Plans”
  • Select “Cancel Subscrition”
Can I pause my subscription?

You cannot technically “pause” your subscription but you may cancel and resume and this works the same way.

When you cancel your program, your information will be saved from the day you first started to the day you canceled.

Will my info be saved if I cancel my subscription or missed a payment?

Yes, all your information will be saved to your account, even if you cancel your subscription or missed a payment. Your information will not be saved if you decide to delete your account.

My account database expires?

No. There is no expiration period for your account once you cancel. you will always be able to log in and retrieve it.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan whenever you want. To do so, simply cancel your current subscription and choose the desired plan. Or you can keep your current plan and subscribe to another plan of your choice.

Cancelation Policy
  • Your cancelation will be immediate. You will have access to the remaining period on your plan.
  • No additional costs will be charged.
  • Your account info will be saved.
Payments / Billing
Available payment
  • Monthly, semiannual or annual subscription (by credit card or PayPal)
  • Monthly, semiannual, or annual prompt payment, without direct debit (via ATM reference or MB Way)
Payment and invoice info

Follow these steps:

  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e.com
  • Head to “Plans and billing”
  • Select “Invoice info”
Update / change your payment method
  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e.com
  • Head to “Plans and billing”
  • Head to “Subscription Plans”
  • Update / change your payment method
Change my direct debit dates

Unfortunately, our Health Zone-e members will not be able to change the direct debit date.

If you need any help, please get in touch with the team at support@healthzone-e.com

I missed a payment

No problem. You must have received an email from our team alerting you to the end of the subscription/payment period.

  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e.com
  • Head to “Subscription Plans”
  • And update your subscription / payment
Download invoices

To download your invoices, follow these steps:

  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e
  • Head to “Subscription Plans”
  • Select “Transactions” and download your invoice

If for any reason you need help, please contact the team at support@healthzone-e.com to discuss your situation and the possibility of a refund.

There are any other costs besides the monthly subscription?

No. There will be no additional costs. The amount that appears at checkout will be the amount charged, including all fees.

Do my staff members or clients have to pay?

No. Your subscription includes a number of staff and clients that you can add to the app.

Discount Codes
Student Discount Code: How to use?

Student discount codes can only be used by students from educational institutions that have a partnership with Health Zone-e.

To get your student discount, follow these steps:

  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e
  • Head to “Subscription Plans”.
  • Choose the desired plan and click on the “Student” button.
  • At checkout you will have to choose the “Institution” to which you belong and enter the “School Code” provided to you.
My discount code is not working

Follow these steps to check what might be wrong, if that doesn't solve the problem contact the team at: support@healthzone-e.com

Check if:

  • There are blank spaces.
  • There was some confusion between the “0” (number) and “o” (letter).
  • The code is associated with the institution.
  • The code is still active.

If you have tried all of those possible solutions, please email us: support@healthzone-e.com

And provide:

  • The code you're trying to use.
  • The educational institution you attend.
Discount Code: How to use?
  • Head to “Definitions”.
  • Head to “Subscription Plans”.
  • Select “Subscribe” your plan.
  • Enter the discount code in the empty box.
  • If accepted, you'll see the final value being changed automatically.
Profile Settings
Update / change my registered email address?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to update your email address directly from your account.
Please contact us via support@healthzone-e.com and we'll change it for you.

Forgot your password?

Forgot your password? Click here and enter your email address. Then log into that
email and you should receive an email that will direct you to follow a link to reset it.

Reset / update your password?

You can reset / update your password via your web account or in-app

  • Access your account settings at www.healthzone-e
  • Head to “Change password”
General Questions
Account Management

In the case of the professional plan, the entity that made the subscription will be responsible for the management of its staff and clients. It is up to this entity to add their staff members and define their function. It will also have to link their clients to their staff.

Delete or block accounts

If an employee terminates his services with the entity that added him to the app, he may be deleted or blocked by this entity. However, he can take the initiative to delete his own account in order to be able to use his registration (email and password) again.

Can I had my own account?

Yes. In the professional plan, the entity that manages the plan can add your own account to the app.

How can you work with the same staff member outside of that gym?

A certain client who stops attending a gym and wants to work with a certain nutritionist and / or personal trainer outside this gym, but who are consequently a staff member of the gym. The gym or the client himself may take the initiative to delete his account. And in this case the Nutritionist and the Personal Trainer who work for the gym, but also have a business outside the gym, will have to subscribe to one of the plans and associate this client to you. All the data that existed associated with that gym will be deleted.

My personal information will be saved if I change gym / nutritionist / personal trainer / coach?

In this case, if the gym or another professional is linking your account to the app, the app will have the possibility to delete or block it if necessary. For example, if you change gyms or if you miss a payment, the entity that manages your account will be able to use these tools.

Since that entity is subscribing to the plan, your information that is associated with it may be deleted. However, your registration and personal information will be stored and maintained in our system.

How to work with clients outside the gym?

If an staff member has clients outside that gym and wants to use the app, he will have to subscribe a plan and add those clients to his account.

Can I have an account in that gym and another one of my own outside of it?

Yes. A specific Personal Trainer or Nutritionist (or any other professional) can have an account of their own in a specific gym (it was added by the gym to the app) and in turn have their own account (subscribing to a professional or nutrition plan). In your profile will appear the option to choose the type of account you want.

Can I have a different account at multiple gyms?

Yes, however a different registration will have to be made and thus the information from one account is not associated with the other.

Can I add clients from multiple gyms?

Yes. In case you have the professional plan and you work in several places, you can add as many clients as you want.

In case you have a personal account (through the personal plan or created in the professional plan) and if you want to consult a nutritionist/personal trainer/coach who uses Health Zone-e app, how do I associate my account with them?

In this case, you will have to ask the nutritionist/personal trainer/coach to add your account to their client list.

Can any of my clients consult the profile of another client?

No. The information of a given client is stored securely in their access account.