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What is the Health Zone-e app?

Most healthcare and fitness professionals aim to enhance the quality of their services. Therefore, we have developed an app to assist them in making a difference by providing closer and more conscientious monitoring, fostering greater client motivation and retention, with the goal of growing their businesses.

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Personal Plan Features

Take your Physical Evaluation

  • Body Composition (biometric data, perimeters, skinfolds)
  • Health Screening Questionnaires (2020 PAR-Q+, PARmed-X , Mental Health, Lifestyle and Training)
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Assessment
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness (protocols and procedures to estimate VO2max)
  • Muscular Fitness (Grip Strength, Upper Body and Leg Strength, Push-Ups, Vertical Jump, Muscular Endurance Test).
  • Mobility and Flexibility Assessment (Ankle, Hip, Shoulders, Postchain, Thoracic, Wrist, Elbow)
  • Health Classification (the assessment is made using several biomarkers: Metabolic, Body Composition, Physical Fitness, Mental, Overall)

Create your Training Plan

  • Create a training plan in seconds
  • Customize your training with: Supersets, Circuit, Tabata, EMOM, Rest...
  • Save your workouts in your database
  • Library with +300 exercises with video
  • Add your own exercises with video

Create your Meal Plan

  • Create a customized meal plan
  • A detailed view of each meal (energy intake, macronutrient distribution, nutritional summary...)
  • Library with +900 foods
  • Biometric Data, Perimeters, Skinfolds, Energy Requirements, Energy Balance
  • Predictive Equations
Health Gym Personal Trainer Fitness Healthy Eating Flexibility and Mobility Application Web App
Health Gym Personal Trainer Fitness Healthy Eating Flexibility and Mobility Application Web App

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