6 Feb 2023
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Want to leverage your business? Then this story is for you!

Health Zone

A Story to Help You


In this story that we are going to tell you there is a main character and a villain:

  • In any story with this narrative we find a main CHARACTER who wants something;
  • This character encounters a problem: he will have to face the VILLAIN;
  • Before this fight, the character will find a GUIDE, who gives him A PLAN to fight the villain;
  • THE GUIDE INVITES the character TO ACT, and to compete with the villain;
  • The HERO of history wins this fight;
  • The villain is defeated, the main character avoids failure and succeeds.


In our Story, unlike others, the main character is not Health Zone-e, but all physical exercise and health professionals. You are the heroes of history.

What do these heroes need? There are several well-identified needs, which are represented below:


This character faces a problem:


In our market research and with the experience we have acquired over the years, we realize that these professionals often do not have the tools they really need.

Today we face a professional context where results are the main reason for success. Clients want results, your employer demands results.

To get results you need to know your clients' physical condition and health.

Since your professional training, you are taught several methodologies of client analysis and evaluation, prior to the development of any program or planning, in order to minimize risks and optimize the prescription.

Now, regardless of the sporting or health context in which we are inserted, we must perform a prior analysis and then reassess and readjust the prescription according to the needs and goals to be achieved. All this to obtain results.

This type of evaluation is often done in notebooks and Excel sheets. As our client list grows, this evaluation starts to become more difficult to keep up with. And sometimes this work is not done, because it increases our workload, reduces our productivity and we think we are wasting time and not gaining anything from it.

In fact you are not gaining, you are losing. You are losing the opportunity to demonstrate to the client his history, his evolution, the results of our planning, his physical and health condition.

If there was a useful, intuitive, fast and easy-to-use tool, probably this kind of work would not stop being done.

Every hero needs a GUIDE. Health Zone-e is here to help you.


We want to be your guide.

We have developed the right tools for your work. And we have a plan for you:


This plan will solve your problems.

Because we want to help you avoid failure and succeed in your professional life.


If you identify with us: do you want to improve the quality of your service? You don't find the right tools to do your job, you have trouble keeping your clients' information, you waste a lot of time on these details and they don't value you? As fitnes and health lovers we also used to have these problems, and that's why we created Health Zone-e.

With the Health Zone-e app you can make a difference and demonstrate the quality of your work. In such a competitive market, details make the difference. We have developed a complete tool for you to manage your clients' health and fitness in a simple and fast way.

You want to have a closer and more conscious follow-up, with more motivation and client retention. You want to improve your productivity, reduce your workload and achieve your professional and sportive fulfillment.


We have the solution:


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Health Gym Personal Trainer Fitness Healthy Eating Flexibility and Mobility Application Web App